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ZN1200S type automatic block forming machine

ZN1200S is strictly in accordance with the German production technology, technology in domestic production equipment, with rapid production, high quality products, diversified production and other characteristics, can easily produce high-quality paving tiles, roadside stones and landscape products。

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ZN1200S type automatic block forming machine

Product characteristics

  German design - higher efficiency, lower failure rate;
  Made in China - lower cost, higher service。

  Zenith ZN series, the German concrete block equipment manufacturing technology, is far ahead in the world, known for rigorous and concise, will not pay too much attention to the "flashy" appearance design, but pay more attention to the overall performance of the machine, efficiency and the quality of the block products;

  Germany Zenith ZN series products in strict accordance with the German production technology, technology,Production in the country,Products compared with domestic brand block forming machine,It has more stable motion performance and higher brick making efficiency,And lower failure rates,In performance, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and so on,Far ahead of the same type of domestic products。

Technical parameter

Maximum molding area 1100×1080mm
Finished height 40-300mm
Forming cycle 18~25 seconds (depending on product shape)
Pallet size 1200×1150mm
Number of formed blocks 390×190×190(12块/模)
Vibration table 2×15KW dual-axis dynamic and static vibration table
Upper mode vibration 2×0.55KW
Electronic control system SIEMENS
Total installed capacity 70.35KW
Gross weight 主机:14.98T with fabric machine: 18.49T
Technological advantage
Equipment matching
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